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The Gaichanjiru Project: April 2011. The MASH Foundation social enterprise project was originally formulated in consultation with the teachers at Gaichanjiru in 2010. The Gaichanjiru project uses hybrid goats with higher demand for water which provide goat’s milk for the pupils and may give birth to twins.

Under the innovative leadership of Headmaster Mr. Nga’Nga (pictured with trustee Charles Macharia), Gaichanjiru school had already adopted a range of sustainable initiatives: (1) tree planting to minimize hillside erosion based on the Nobel-prize winning ‘GreenBelt Movement’ (Wangari Maathai, 2004) (2) sustainable management of water: a borehole to supply clean water was drilled upstream of the Gaichanjiru’s allotments, ensuring run-off would irrigate the school’s crops.

The Gachoka Project: April 2011

Having heard about the MASH Foundation microfinance scheme, Mr. Wairegi, headmaster at Gachoka primary school, initiated construction of a series of pens alongside an existing structure designed to accommodate 10 dairy cows, sponsored by a major Kenyan mobile telecommunications company. The cows’ manure will be diverted to produce biogas.
This mobile network company has established a 5 million KSH vocational skills educational center for young Kenyans with learning disabilities on school grounds.
Gachoka will use a breed of goats which give birth to twins and have limited water requirements (and therefore do not produce milk). Gachoka have extensive space to build up the size of their herd.

Gaichanjiru community projects

MASH FOUNDATION Trust offers financial and technical support to these Community micro finance projects. Community self help groups supported by MASH FOUNDATION TRUST include Gaichanjiru STANDI women self help group and NGUKAGA KAGAA self help group. These community micro finance projects keep livestock ( pigs,Goats, cows and poultry for family consumption and sell once they reach maturity. )

Up coming projects

Horticulture and fundrasing to dig a borehole for irrigation purpose at Gaichanjiri project. Planting paw paw fruits , kales, tomatoes, carrots and other green for consumption and sale would be the focus of this projects while working with the farmers, schools and self help groups in rural Kenya.
Partners, organizations, coporates and well wishers are most welcome to support in this initiatives too