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 Pauline wanjiku
Pauline wanjiku 14 yrs from2 Has a sick mother and currently staying with her grandmother.  Father works as casual labor and earns less than Ksh  200 per day or  less . Work on farms during planting seasons. Thus work three or two time a day for three months during planting seasons. When dry spell no jobs thus live under extreme poverty and hardship. Gaichanjiru Secondary  School
Alex  Njoroge 17 yrs form 4 Her parents separated along time ago. She is currently staying with mother. Father is alcoholic and irresponsible. Mother works a casual worker in farms and irregular income since get jobs to dig on farms on paling seasons. Earns less than KSH  200 and extremely poor. Gaichanjiru Secondary  School
 Lawrence Kiarie
Lawrence kiarie 14 yrs Form 2 big family  with 7 siblings and mother works as casual worker on farms during plating seasons . Earns less than  ksh 200 and live under poor conditions . Gaichanjiru Secondary  School
 Joel Ngugi Joel Ngugi Nganga 16 yrs From 2 Both parents as peasant farmers and have no regular income . Seasonal income and produce affected by bad weather thus no constant income . Needy family and live under poor conditions . Wangai  Secondary School
 sarafin nyambura
Saraphine Nyambura Mwaura 14 yrs Form 2 Lives with her single mother as dad passed away. Mother is peasant farmer and has no means of income. Poor family and  struggle to survive. Wangai  Secondary School