• Mash Foundation Project Schools

    Mash Foundation Project Schools

    Primary, Secondary and Special Needs Schools partnering with the mash foundation are willing to recieve volunteers from all over the world. We make it easy for volunteers to enjoy their time while volunteering

  • Elective placement at Thika level 5 hospital

    Elective placement at Thika level 5 hospital

    Experience working in a healthcare system entirely different to your own and to gain more of an insight onto how a population copes with more finite resources. Demonstrate both the knowledge and the skills you have acquired during your elective placement in Thika level 5 hospital.

  • Mash Volunteers

    Mash Volunteers

    Volunteer in any of the Mash Foundation Trust Projects and enjoy overwhelming love, joy in teaching, participating in recreational activities, community projects, school construction and school environmental clubs.

  • Group Discussions

    Group Discussions

    Life skills training, workshop and group discussion facilitated by the Mash Foundation through partners, fundraising and donations.