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Mash Foundation: Our Beginning

Our aim is for you to feel a connection with our cause. Whether it is your ambition to create your own scholarship, send a GiftCard to a friend or simply to make a direct donation to a pupil, the MASH Foundation wants to make this process straightforward and enjoyable for you.

MASH started in 2008 with the sponsorship of 13 year old pupil Julius Natyera in Uganda when a gap year student discovered that only £20, which Julius’ mother could not afford, was the cost of one term’s tuition. When the gap year student, Hamish, left Uganda, he continued to support Julius through his close friend, social worker and guide Charles Macharia, based in Kenya.
The initiative was formally registered on April 13th, 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya as the MASH Foundation trust, a charitable trust and social enterprise promoting sustainable development through education.


The MASH Foundation recognizes the ambition of donors worldwide to maximize the social return on their investment, their wish to bypass the bureaucracy costs of large charitable organizations and their desire to directly connect with the cause they are supporting. The MASH Foundation website provides a unique platform for you to connect with talented Kenyan pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.
The MASH Foundation website gives you the opportunity to support academically promising pupils in order to ensure their successful graduation from secondary school.  Graduating as ‘A’ students from low income families will maximize their eligibility for financial support from the Kenyan government once they embark upon their university careers.
Our mission is simple: the promotion of sustainable development and social mobility through education whilst ensuring our donors feel connected to our pupils and rewarded for their support.

The MASH Foundation trustees identify talented pupils in need through an extensive network of teachers in the schools of the Nairobi Province. Often, these pupils’ family income is irregular: money is short, pressuring pupils to stay at home or search for work due to non-payment of school fees. Currently, MASH sponsors ten of the brightest local Kenyan pupils, in addition to one Ugandan university student and one Ugandan secondary school pupil.
The MASH Foundation also operates as a social enterprise. MASH has established a microfinance project which transforms local schools into small scale enterprises while simultaneously providing a solution to school feeding programs. Online, our GiftCard and e-card scheme for donors, in addition to our MASH apparel collection, supports both Kenyan pupils and local Kenyan artists.

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Without your support, these talented pupils will not be able to cover their school fee balance, their grades will fall due to irregular attendance and they may ultimately be forced to drop out of school.
This damaging process is evidenced by the following UNESCO statistics:

School-Level Enrollment Attendance Comments
Primary 76% 79% Primary school (8 yrs): financial support introduced by Kenyan government in 2003/2004. Relatively reduced financial burden on pupils’ families.
Secondary 43% 12% Secondary school (4 yrs): not yet financially supported by Kenyan government. Increased financial burden imposed on families with irregular income resulting in decreased attendance and enrollment. Academic grades affected by attendance levels.

About Us: Who We Are

Charles Macharia

Charles is a qualified social worker, peer educator employed as a team leader and project manager for a reputable U.K. based gap-year company, Africa-Asia Venture. When not supervising school-based  aid projects in Uganda and Kenya, Charles is a social&academic counselor in local schools in Nairobi. Charles works closely with headteachers  to select promising, disadvantaged pupils. He designs board games that teach moral to children as they play.

Hamish Jacksongames

Hamish is the MASH Foundation U.K. representative. An undergraduate based at the University of Oxford, U.K., Hamish is working in partnership with two organizations, U.K.-based SIFE Oxford and U.S.-based Compass Partners, to develop and promote the MASH Foundation trust internationally. With West England representative Caroline Tecks and economic adviser Alex Cakir, Hamish is responsible for gaining support for the MASH Foundation microfinance schemes, through corporate social responsibility schemes and international charitable organizations.

Contact hamish.jackson[at]

Tina Macharia
Tina works full time as a legal secretary. She is responsible for the administration of the MASH Foundation website, keeping you up to date with the latest news from the MASH Foundation.

Nancy Mugure

Nancy is a science teacher at Mutomo primary school with long term experience of the Kenyan education system. Nancy is responsible for selecting cases for the MASH Foundation.  A single mother,  Nancy has a keen understanding of the challenges faced by the families of many of the pupils we sponsor.

Michael Kuria

Michael is the MASH Foundation’s agricultural expert, directing the Foundation’s microfinance-based programs in local schools. Michael is also responsible for visiting  schools, selecting new cases and monitoring the progress of Foundation-sponsored pupils when Charles Macharia is abroad working on school projects.

Caroline Tecks

UK representative for West England, Caroline has been working with the Foundation since its beginnings in 2008.
Caroline, who graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in English in 2011, has been using these skills as the MASH Foundation director of communications, producing video media and publicizing the MASH Foundation in the UK.

Our Projects: Case Study

Education is important in life and without it a child  may have  a lot of challenges competing in the contemporary world. Developing nations have realized this and pledged to give every child the chance to attend school regardless of the age. Though education is said to be free, guardians or parents are requested to pay a small fee per term so as to facilitate provision of teaching items and food to the pupils. Since poverty is in the increase and majority of  bright and academically potential children cannot manage to raise the necessary fee.

They are frequently sent home for tuition fee and worse cases, they never resume classes if the fee is never paid, most drop out of school and end up into juvenile delinquency, married off at very young age or forced to child labor. The mash foundation gives these orphans a second chance or privilege to continue with their studies as well as give counseling where necessary during school visits and home visits.

It costs 30 pounds per month to keep a child in primary school. These funds pay for tuition fee, examination fee, development fee and activity fee per term which is 3 months. In total 90 pounds a year and this pays for three terms for a child in primary school in Kenya or in Uganda.
Children feeding programs are very relevant in schools since most of the children hardly get a balanced diet or no food for days. This affects their school attendance and academic performance. It would cost 15 pounds per term per child to have a decent meal in primary school.

Young girls on reaching puberty have a big challenge in purchasing sanitary pads, some girls miss out of school due this their academic performance and self esteem is affected. The mash foundation through donations in kind and monetary funds received ensure girls attend school regularly, Funds are also used to organize counseling sessions and life skills workshops so as to building up their self-esteem.


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