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Scolastica’s Profile:> From 1 | Mean Grade: A | Single parent family: mother is a teacher

Scolastica Wanjiru (pictured left) . She lives with her single mother, a teacher, and younger sister Natalie (pictured right), 3 years old. Her favorite subjects are Maths and English. The best performing primary school student in our records, she excels academically, despite regularly being sent home for not paying school fees. The reason for this is that as well as raising 2 daughters and teaching, her mother is also studying for a degree to improve her income in the long term. For the next 2-4 years, money will be short for this family, and this is where the MASH Foundation comes in: we cannot let the potential of Scholastica go to waste. As a teacher, the Foundation is sure that Schola’s mother will help her to maintain her excellent academic standards.