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20160505_102357Click to here  view the feedback on impact of library. Children love reading books and gaining Knowledge.” Best thing ever”IMG_20160507_150330

The MASH Foundation  opened a community library at Joska on 12th  April 2016. We  target to reach over 400 children from ages 6 and above around Joska area.

Majority of families live below the poverty line and can not afford to buy sufficient reading materials for their children. The library solves this problem since children can read plenty of  books for free every Saturday as from 9am to 5 pm. The children get to read books, Novels and study in the library on Saturdays and the community is so pleased to have such a center in the village. The MASH  library is the first one to be  opened in Joska a community. There has never been a library in Joska or  within a  40 kilometer radius.

Library received first 20 books from Rita in Nov 2015.In  April  2015 we  received another donation of  books from Dr Anisa, Dr Robert, Dr Joseph, ICFS Tanzania team.  In August 2016 we received over 500 books from Orthlink ,Mr Maina  and Mrs Nancy.

Thanks to our  friends and partner we will add more books to the library. We welcome support from Friends to purchase more chairs, desks and  shelves. We also welcome donation of 50 dollars per month in helping us librarian  repair of books and administration cost to run the library.

We also welcome donation of books and any support in kind will be appreciated.


Our objective for the library are

1.Encourage reading culture in children and youth

2. Provide information through reading materials and literature.

Our Vision for the center and library

Resource center for community to get information through reading materials and skills through training on ICT and Business skills

Our friends and partners on Library project

Thanks to  Ortholink Company, Sean Malcolm , Anna Dadswell ,Dr Moin, Dr  Withers , Dr Kwan and Dr O’Leary for donation of books too. we also recognize all financial support in given to build this  library . We acknowledge support received from  Dr Hamish Ronald Jackson and Jackson family,  Giri KesavanDeepka RanaCaroline Sarah Wood and Rita Javanson .  God bless you all for  your support.