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Volunteer projects are run by trustee and social worker Charles Macharia, who has nearly 10 years of experience working for a UK-based gap year company and the MASH Foundation and over 10 years of experience operating as a social worker in over 40 local Kenyan schools.

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Overseas volunteer or gap year students

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We welcome all volunteers wishing to volunteer with the MASH FOUNDATION TRUST. Since 2010, The MASH has hosted 45 international volunteers with very positive feedback. This include volunteer teachers, Medical students and volunteers wishing to volunteer for charity in children homes.

Specific positives include the family atmosphere of the MASH Foundation, the security of projects, the range of projects available, the option to stay in comfortable, western-style accommodation or more authentic homesteads and flexibility with arranging dates and length of trips and the ability to book last minute. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback for the friendliness and experience of our guides, with most volunteers citing the ability to spend time with Charles Macharia and get involved in his dream to empower the local community as the highlight.

Prices include transport, accommodation, food and water and guide fees. At least 10% of the price of your trip will be a charitable donation to the project you are working on. Not included in the trip is the cost of a safari to Nairobi National Park,  Nairobi Giraffe Sanctuary or the Masai Mara, although these can be arranged affordably and hassle free through MASH Volunteering.


Local volunteers or interns

(students from universities and groups) are welcome to volunteer for life skills training or internships with the MASH foundation trust. Thirty volunteers from Kenyatta, Nazarene and Nairobi University have enjoyed volunteering in the past five years.
If you would like to participate in a wider range of projects to those advertised here, or you can only volunteer during particular dates, please contact us through the site info@mashfoundationtrust.org or charles.macharia@mashfoundationtrust.org