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“Giving Pupils The Awareness To Make Their Own Decisions”

Trustee Charles Macharia is a trained social worker, Trainer and got a certificate in counseling , diploma in social work and  bachelor degree in Community development.

Our life skills program runs in schools, Holiday camps and vocational bible sessions. We also use  board games and puppet shows to teach good morals and life skills. Charles Macharia has organized several counseling sessions with intern students from local universities in many schools MASH Foundation operates in.

Charles believes there is a particular need for training on academic study skills, sex education, drug abuse and  giving emotional support to pupils.

Board Game

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The MASH Foundation trust board games teach on dangers of drug abuse, Health living , safety rules, Study skills  and good  morals.View Video above to get full details on these  board games

These game kits are  printed in  booklet size, A4 and  A3 size.  Children from ages 6 and above can use these Board games. Board games can be used in groups 5 pupils for A4 size  or Max 10 pupils for A3 size.

pupils at Kenyatta primary schools playing luddo game after having life skills sessions. pupils at Kenyatta primary schools playing  during abuse ludo game after having life skills sessions.

Topics taught  in life skills program

Values, self esteem, Assertiveness, decision making, Study skills, Heroes, Responsibility. Mentor-ship, risks of drug abuse and others listed on our Life skills manual approved by Ministry of Education


Sponsor a counseling session in schools of choice from list.   1 hour training session would cost from $ 11, Four sessions in a week would cost  $ 44  per and  $ 2890 per year . The program seeks to reach out to pupils in primary schools or institutions from ages 6 to 14 years .

Sponsors will get free access to report and up dates on event  fro our website.