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Education is important in life and without it a child may have a lot of challenges competing in the contemporary world. Developing nations have realized this and pledged to give every child the chance to attend school regardless of the age. Though education is said to be free, guardians or parents are requested to pay a small fee per term so as to facilitate provision of teaching items and food to the pupils. Since poverty is in the increase and majority of bright and academically potential children cannot manage to raise this necessary fee.

They are frequently sent home for tuition fee and worse cases, they never resume classes if the fee is never paid, most drop out of school and end up into juvenile delinquency, married off at very young age or forced to child labor. The Mash Foundation gives these orphans a second chance  through education  sponsorship  as well as give counseling where necessary during school visits and home visits.

It costs 30 pounds per month to keep a child in primary school. These funds pay for tuition fee, examination fee, development fee and activity fee per term which is 3 months. In total 90 pounds a year and this pays for three terms for a child in primary school in Kenya or in Uganda.
Children feeding programs are very relevant in schools since most of the children hardly get a balanced diet or no food for days. This affects their school attendance and academic performance. It would cost 15 pounds per term per child to have a decent meal in primary school.

pupils selection process

The MASH Foundation identifies talented, underprivileged pupils in Nairobi and the surrounding region in Kenya.

Pupils identified by MASH trustees Charles Macharia, social worker, and Nancy Mugure, primary school teacher through an established network of teachers and social workers.

MASH trustees have built strong working relationships with local head teachers in Nairobi and the surrounding region, consulting with headmasters and headmistresses.

A discussion with teachers about the pupils’ academic performance, home situation and family structure takes place before meeting the pupil informally to get to know them, offer them encouragement and support.

The MASH Foundation selects only a small number of pupils to ensure that pupils are sponsored until graduation.

Sanitary pads  for girls

Young girls on reaching puberty have a big challenge in purchasing sanitary pads, some girls miss out of school due this their academic performance and self esteem is affected.

The Mash Foundation through donations in kind and monetary funds received ensure girls attend school regularly  through purchasing sanitary pads and organize counseling sessions.