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Ngulelo village is at the foot of Mt Meru and has a good scenic view place. We have several projects placement around the foot of the mountain and approximately 5 to 15 kilometers apart. The view is spectacular and breathe taking. The community is so welcoming and the children love interacting with visitors.
Projects 1
Horticulture farming project run by 10 brothers for three years. They do large scale farming and have good cooperation. Big challenge is inadequate and unproductive seedlings that yield low harvests as well as Climate change that affects crops and reduce harvests.
Project 2
Poultry, cow, bee and goat keeping run by group of 15 members. Existence of one year. The women need to be taught on management skills and how to manage or reduce loses. The women also need to man power to build structures to keep more chicken, bees and goats thus increase produce and profits from sales of eggs, honey and milk.
Project 3

Horticulture farming society with over 60 members. Farmers are involved in small or large scale farming and sell their produce to the society that look for market on their behalf. The group has been doing well in sales of produce but current climate change and use of pesticides has reduced harvests. The group seeks training on how to expand their business, new ideas, soap making skills and other ways to generate income apart from farming. They also seek more man power to help on the farms and dig more shallow trenches to harvest ran water for irrigation purposes.
Project 4
Tree nursery projects run by 13 women and lease land around the mount Meru to plan the seedlings. They sale tree seedlings at low price for charity to locals and plant around Mountain Meru to conserve the environment. This group face many challenges in this project. They lack skills to do grafting and meet the stiff competition from other competitors. Once in a while t cows and thieves trespass on the tree nursery and destroy the seedling. Thieves also steal the seedling resulting to group suffering loses. Lack of water is also a big challenge to the project since have to fetch water on daily basis as well as increase on price for leasing land.
Project 5

Group made up of 9 members and do Poultry keeping project for two years. This group was started as a social group and latter started poultry keeping project. They plan to incubate chick but need an incubator machine to hatch their own chicks. The groups also need training on business startup skills, books keeping skills and marketing skills. The group also need to man power to build structures to keep more chicken thus increase produce and profits from sales of eggs.
NOTES TO  Visiting overseas  friends or Volunteers
Have a culture exchange experience with children and community member as you visit  nearby Schools or  groups or projects above. You  will have chance to walk in the village and probably see the fall too.

Volunteers can organize their  one day short safari to National part at end on the trip. We welcome all  to Tanzania and looking forward to a successful trip.
Enjoy the Lovely scenic view up the mountain, spectacular waterfall, fantastic guide and host in Arusha