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1. How can I sponsor a child? Go to sponsor tab, select which level you want to sponsor then   view pupils in the list and the press donate button to start process of sponsoring pupils.

2. What are the criteria for children selected for sponsorship? click on about use tab and scroll down to process of selecting pupils

3. What ages do you target on life skills trainings?( Ages 6 to 8), ( ages 9 to 11) and ( ages 12 to 14)

4. How much do you charge for our services? Go to training and counseling tab and Click on Charges & Quotation for services Drop down tab

5. How much do you charge for volunteer placements? Go to volunteer tab and click on Volunteer Kenya then click on package offered.

6. What placements do you offer? Click on Volunteer Kenya tab and click on volunteer schools and projects

7. How long are our placements ? Click on Volunteer tab and click on packages offered

8. Do you have review or comments of previous volunteers who have volunteered with you in Kenya? Click on Volunteer tab and click on Guest book

9. How do I volunteer with MASH Foundation Trust? Click on Volunteer tab and click on volunteer form then fill and send. Will get back once review your form

10. Who are our partners and supporters of your programs? Click on friends of MASH tab and view partners and friends of MASH.