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Partner and friend sponsoring  Children education, mentor ship program, The Mash foundation community development projects and The MASH center and library  projects  In Kenya

OrthoLink (Scotland) Ltd is a Scottish medical device company founded by Jim Malcolm in 2004. We distribute joint replacement implants, surgical instruments and rehabilitation products to many hospitals across the UK. Our aim is to work hand-in-hand with surgeons and nurses to ensure the patient’s quality of life is improved after a surgery  involving any of our products takes place. 


Imperial college finance  society

As students body seeking to empower communities with entrepreneurship skills and business concepts. The Mash foundation  link ICFS overseas volunteers to community projects in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.



Compass partners

Corporate Expertise: The MASH Foundation is delighted to partner with leading U.S. based social business consultancy Compass Partners.

Sife SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) is a non-profit organization educating  people on concepts like market economics, entrepreneurship, and business ethics through educational outreach projects. SIFE Oxford aims to bring the skills and passion of Oxford University students to its social enterprise projects. SIFE is supporting educational outreach through the MASH Foundation micro finance scheme and promoting financial literacy through MASH Foundation counseling sessions.


Kenya dream holidays

We highly recommended our volunteers interested in Tour safaris in the wild, holiday packages, Mountain climbing and adventures  to link up to www.kenyadreamholidays.com/contactus.htm


Friends and well wishers

1. Hamish Jackson

2. Jianchen Fu

3. Sean Malcom

4. Jim Malcom

5.  Wei jai

6. Deepka


8. Carol

9. Mr. Zhang.

10. Mr Maina