Month of AUGUST

1st Tala primary school mentor ship program with class 5 to 7

3rd to 4 Gaichanjiru primary and Gaichanjiru secondary schools . Mentor ship program with pupils , ICT training and entrepreneurship training for secondary school pupils.

5th Gachoka primary school mentor ship session with class 5 to7 pupils

10 to 13 PCEA church mentor ship program with ages 9 to 23   pupils

14th and 15 th Gachoka primary school mentor ship program and Parents training on entrepreneurship training with parents

17 th to 20th ACK church mentor ship session for pupils ages 9 to 20.

We target to reach over 3000 pupils this holiday and so far reached over 3000 pupils last 3 months.

Thanks to the great support from friends Sean Malcolm, J .Malcolm and ORTHOLINK Company

up coming events  2016

2nd sept Official opening  day of MASH community library and  center by Ortholink officials. Will hold mentorship session  and reading session at library too.

8th August to  27th August having a mentorship session at churches, children centers and projects during the holiday. Will mentor and develop character during sessions .

4 August receiving  Susan a teacher from Uk to volunteer at Gachanjiru secondary, St Angela’s and Bethsaida school. Volunteer one week .

8th June 2016 Arrival of ICFS team to Tanzania to view micro finance projects

2nd April to 10 june 2016 receiving  4 medical elective students from Imperial University who will volunteer at Thika level 5 hospital.

17 April 2016 opening of The MASH Foundation community library in Joska

22nd oct 2015 motivation talk in Kenyatta university with KU volunteers,

23 rd Oct 2015 motivations talk in Gachoka primary and secondary school in Gatundu with MASH foundations team,

24 oct 2015 doing session on entrepreneurship at Gaichanjiru .

26th oct Mwiki ward disaster management rout mapping with MCA and MWRR team 12pm.

28th oct 2015 life skills session at Beautiful hearts academy in the morning and Faulu academy both in South C Nairobi.

29th oct 2015 Ku primary sessions to prepare talk on hygiene with empowerment club . pupils to address whole school next week on Thursday.

23rd Gachoka primary school giving certificates to call 8 that participated in the mentorship program run by the MASH Foundation.

31st oct 12015 holding motivation and mentorship program in Tala township school and Tala primary school


5 and 6th Nov 2015 hand washing campaign in Mwiki primary school and community .Teaming up with Kenyatta university volunteers and Mwiki ward youth groups

28th Nov 2015 Training on entrepreneurship at Gachanjiru catholic church.

2017 Events 

Jomo kenyatta  primary  School mentor ship session 3:30 pm to 4:30 Pm date 13th Sept 2017